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Who We Are ♡ What We Do

Once Upon a Time…

there was a small group of Haflinger horse-crazy women from across the United States who met over Zoom, and encouraged and entertained each other while trying to survive a pandemic.

We shared our hopes and dreams about our horses as much as our worries and fears during a difficult time. And because everything is best served with a side of humor, we found that providing encouragement also involved sharing much sass and spirit. We realized rather quickly we weren’t so different from our favorite spunky and fun-loving horses: Haflingers.

And then, along came an idea to share our passion, community, and fun with others (along with plenty of sass) and the American Haflinger Alliance was born.

Who We Are ♡ Meet the Co-Creators


All About Suzi

Has two Haflingers geldings, Alexio and Wise Lee, that she shares with her teenage son, Joe.
Dream Big: Start a fun, vibrant, supportive, educational community for Haflinger fans and friends
Do Stuff: Learn to go horse camping with all her boys, ride in Yosemite, try mounted archery, and drive a Haflinger to a sleigh.
Have Fun: Riding with friends and introducing folks to Haflingers since people in California often aren’t sure what they are.


All About Michelle

Has a passion for Haflingers and owns…several! Some of them are rescues.
Dream Big: Looks forward to producing a few carefully-planned Haflinger foals
Do Stuff: Has a heart for rescue, be it horses, dogs or bunnies. Foxhunts with her Haflingers and is happiest riding in open country. Don’t fence her in!
Have Fun: Loves researching Haflinger history and stories!


All About Jess

Has two and a half Haflingers! Anna, Enzo, and the baby, Kruise (co-owned with her mom, Amy)
Dream Big: Wants to take a Haflinger to grand prix in dressage
Do Stuff: Mostly plays in the dressage ring, but also hacks out and drives. Once in a blue moon will pop over a fence to keep the ponies happy. Most of her time is currently draining hoses.
Have Fun: Driving for sure. Anna is a blast to run around cones or hazards!


All About Sassy

Has different colors and patterns depending on her moods. Sassy is Everyhorse and represents the dreams of horsegirls of all ages.
Dream Big: Hopes to perform on Broadway someday, preferably as Elphaba.
Do Stuff: Does. all. the. things. With Sassy-tude!
Have Fun: Eating and leaping are the best!

We are so excited about creating a community of joyful, passionate, and encouraging people who love Haflingers. We want to show and tell the world about how fun these horses are!

We’re interested in inclusion over exclusion, fun over formality, and learning over judgment. We work hard and play hard in our horse lives, and we enjoy our stable relationships and recreational horsin’ around as well as training and competitions.

Together, we’re dreaming up an encouraging horse-centric community for riders, drivers, and grounded equestrians of all disciplines and all levels… and we’re pretty sure we’re not alone. We can’t wait for you to join us!

We are not a registry!

We do not record or register any horses, and we think doing that much paperwork sounds a bit un-fun. We're about fun, and community, and promotion.
You know who does register Haflingers? The American Haflinger Registry. Go check them out - they're awesome!

The Formal Stuff

Our Mission:

advancement, advocacy, and encouraging community among enthusiasts of Haflinger Horses

Our Vision

The American Haflinger Alliance seeks to create an inclusive community of Haflinger horse enthusiasts of all ages and abilities who are committed to increasing the enjoyment of Haflingers in the United States through support, teamwork, education, promotion, and fun.

We will pursue our vision by providing:
  • Access to a website, social media, discussion groups, and leaders committed to finding answers to every question asked.
  • An environment aimed at fun, education, and success for anyone who wants to enjoy, promote, show, breed and import Haflinger horses in the US.

About The American Haflinger Alliance

  • We are dedicated to providing our members the information needed to enjoy their Haflingers and to promote them as versatile athletes and partners.
  • We will provide support to Haflinger enthusiasts and strengthen the US Haflinger population by encouraging adults and youth to train, promote and compete Haflingers.
  • We will build relationships with and encourage breeders and trainers to produce, import, train, and improve the Haflinger stock in the US.
  • We are not a registry or studbook.
As the American Haflinger Alliance grows, our goal is to offer:
  • Haflinger-specific and general equine educational events
  • End-of-year awards and recognition, sponsorships, and other member benefits
  • Motivating and community-building challenges and competitions
  • Support to regional Haflinger horse clubs as they promote Haflingers

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