American Haflinger Alliance

Why Join AHA?

  • Inclusion in a community of like-minded Haflinger enthusiasts who appreciate the athleticism, sensibility, and humor of this fun-loving golden horse!
  • Support, build and give back to your community: 10% of all memberships are reinvested in our SassyBucks Micro ♡ Grants program
  • Year-End Awards for a variety of disciplines and recreational activities
  • Access to educational opportunities, including virtual clinics, health seminars, junior horsemanship programs, and more
  • Discounts on DNA testing for Ocular squamous cell carcinoma
  • Weekly and monthly FUN contests and virtual challenges
  • Exclusive Sassy logo charm and keychain with every new membership
  • Opportunities to earn additional exclusive saddle charms
  • Network of angels for mentorship, disaster assistance, rescue placement, and more
  • Swag Shop discounts on exclusive AHA! merch
  • Plus SO many more exciting plans, including: virtual shows, annual gatherings, trips to Austria, and more!

Join today for a full year of fun! Your AHA! membership runs a full 365 days from whenever you join. And you don’t even have to remember when that is – we keep track for you, and we’ll send you a reminder 10 days before it expires (or you can check any time in your Account Dashboard).

Don’t miss out on all the fun!
Already a member?

Annual Membership: just $52

That’s only a dollar a week! For less than a latte each month, you get to learn lots, earn prizes, and enjoy your horse more with like-minded friends.

A BUCK a Week!

(not that kind of buck)

Shout About It!

Members! Refer a friend get a special charm when they join!

Barn Rules

be kind
try new things
encourage each other
show compassion
disagree with respect
stay humble
laugh every day
always tell the truth
learn from your mistakes
embrace differences
eat dessert first
shut the gate
thank your pony

Members agree to follow these Barn Rules in and out of American Haflinger Alliance settings. The spirit of AHA! is to promote inclusivity, encouragement, education and fun at all times.
Failure of members to follow the Barn Rules may result is a loss of membership and forfeiture of all membership benefits and any dues paid.

What about international members? I want to join!

International Haflinger fans are welcome to join American Haflinger Alliance! (We had to get that first A in there because we love saying AHA!)

Some notes:
-some programs may not ‘translate’ easily to other countries, such as show ratings to accumulate Golden Horse points, and may need to be considered on an individual basis.
-AHA! will hold and mail any charms or other awards that international members earn in one shipment each January for the previous year.
-International members are responsible for all shipping charges for Haflinger Swag Shop purchases.

Have any other questions? Just email us!