American Haflinger Alliance

Breed Standard

The follow breed standards are set by the World Haflinger Federation and the Tyrolean Horse Breeders Association.

Breed Characteristics:

Color may range pale chestnut to dark liver chestnut with pale mane and tail. The desired size is from 54 in. to 60 in. A desirable appearance of the horse is one of elegance and harmony. To this belongs a lean and expressive head with large eyes, well formed neck and supple mid-section, a good croup not too divided and not too short, a distinct musculature as well as correct, defined limbs with good joints. A harmonious body structure that is suitable for aall-round pleasure horse.

Desirable are hard-working rhythmic and swinging basic gaits. The movements at a walk should be relaxed energetic and elevated; the trot and gallop should be supple, swinging, light on the feet with a noticeable swinging phase and with a natural suspension. The clear thrust of the foot from an active working hindquarter should be transferred over a loosely swinging back to the anticipating forehand moving freely from the shoulder. Some knee action is desirable.

Desirable is a horse with a strong character, a good-nature, strong, all-round, eager and able to perform, an easy feeder, resistant, and easy to acclimatize that is useful for all purposes. In particular this is valid for riding, driving and vaulting in the pleasure and sport sector, but also as a working horse for pulling and carrying.

Breeding Horse Classification:

For recognition of the predisposition for performance the following features will be examined:

  1. Character and temperament as observed by the judges during the inspection and measurement process.
  2. Conformation, shown standing in hand.
  3. Basic gaits (walk and trot) shown on the triangle
  4. Free schooling, including canter or gallop

We are not a registry!

We do not record or register any horses, and we think doing that much paperwork sounds a bit un-fun. We're about fun, and community, and promotion.
You know who does register Haflingers? The American Haflinger Registry. Go check them out - they're awesome!

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