American Haflinger Alliance

Announcing the AHA! Junior Horsemanship Program

Feb 28, 2021

Update 3/2/21: all ten of the donated AHA! Junior memberships have been redeemed! Welcome – we’re so excited to have you all!

We’re extremely excited to announce that – thanks to the support of our early Founding Members! – we were able to add the all new AHA! Junior Horsemanship Program, the youth division of the American Haflinger Alliance, earlier than planned.

We hope participation in AHA! Juniors will lead to nationwide friendships, good sportsmanship and the development of leadership skills. Membership is open to anyone age 18 or under, and includes ALL of the benefits of regular membership, plus participation in quarterly Junior-only contests

PLUS, thanks to an anonymous donor, there are free AHA! Junior memberships available for the first ten kids who sign up! Simply use code FUTURE at checkout to receive a credit for your first annual AHA! Junior Horsemanship Program membership.