Austrian Haflinger Adventure ♡ 2022


winner of our second survey prize — one admission to the Schloss Ambras Castle!

Thank you to everyone for responding to the survey. Your next homework assignment is actually a requirement as well and consists of completing your credit card authorization form below. This information will guarantee your hotel reservations as well as enter you in the next contest for a €20 credit at your first fuel fill-up in Austria! Please be sure to respond by the July 15, 2022 deadline. Thanks and good luck!

Austria Credit Card Authorization

By signing below and submitting this form, I authorize the AMERICAN HAFLINGER ALLIANCE to charge my credit card shown above for any outstanding hotel/guest house accommodation charges from September 1, 2022 thru September 30, 2022. I understand that my information will be saved for use towards any unsettled charges relating to the Austrian Haflinger Adventure only and will not be saved for use beyond September 30, 2022.