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Knowledge is power, and we’re so excited to bring you our video series!

We bring you these videos – some from a Haflinger-mentor to share their story and advice about the breed, and some from experts, professionals and clinicians who have agreed to present on a variety of topics – just for AHA! members!

As our video library grows, our members will have a resource they can return to again and again!

Want a Sneak Peek?

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in our video library…

Dr. Rebecca Bellone

Learn about SCC, its risk factors, early intervention tips, and how we can use new information to make better breeding decisions, from the equine geneticist who identified and created a test for the risk variant.

Jennifer McClelland

We chat with a Certified Equine Nutritionist on how to best support your Haflinger – and save money too!

We hoped you enjoyed this important interview with Dr. Rebecca Bellone!

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