American Haflinger Alliance

February’s Monthly Motivation: “Heart Healthy”

Feb 1, 2023

February is National Heart Health Month, so this month’s charming challenge is focused on keeping you and your Haflingers heart-healthy! Each week, check off one of the below tasks and share about it on Facebook to earn your heart charm!

♡ Human Task 1: Take a fifteen minute walk or plan some extra physical activity – BEYOND your horse chores! Find another time to spend fifteen minutes on reducing stress. Meditation, stretching, or relaxing quietly with your horse are all great ways to lower that heart rate!

♡ Human Task 2: Plan a heart healthy recipe (include things like veggies, fruits, or whole grains, and limit saturated fats, sodium, and sugars). Really, it IS good to put as much thought into your own food as your horse’s, no matter how few hours are left in the day!

♡ Horse Task 1: Check in with your horse’s heart health. Check their resting TPR, record it, and have it someplace handy in the barn so you can reference it in an emergency. Schedule your spring vet check up too (your vet will check for abnormalities like murmurs and atrial fibrillation).

♡ Horse Task 2: Although horses don’t get heart disease from poor diets like we do, they can ALSO benefit from a bit less sugar in their diets (and they might just like a Valentine’s cookie!), so make some healthy horse treats – don’t forget to share your recipe, or maybe try one that somebody posted for the January Charming Challenge?