Founding Membership

Please take a look around this site to see much (but not all!) of what we have planned.
Then, if you like what we’re doing, we’d love your support as a Founding Member!

Founding Membership shows your support for our efforts. As a thank you for your leap of faith, founding members will receive:

  • A permanent website designation with a Founding Member profile
  • Social media spotlights and recognition in a variety of printed materials
  • Video profile in our Stable Personalities series, if you wish
  • Lifetime membership and access to all AHA! member-only benefits, including standard program participation, community, and learning library access.
  • A lifetime 20% discount to the Haflinger Swag Shop, twice the regular membership discount.
  • Your support as a Founding Member also helps pay for programs and marketing efforts to help share the wonderful world of Haflinger horses that we’ve experienced.


More Details

We’re loving the enthusiasm for our Founding Membership option and we are now pleased to offer a deposit option! If you choose to split payments, the balance is due within 90 days. If the second payment is not received, your membership will be reverted to an Annual Membership (effective the date of deposit), and there will be no refunds of partial payments.

If you have any questions about a Founding Membership, please contact us!

Only available for a limited time, so take advantage by February 28!

Psst! Your merch discounts start right away, so after you’ve added this membership to your cart, head over to the Swag Shop and check out the savings!


What about international members? I want to join!

International Haflinger fans are welcome to join American Haflinger Alliance! (We had to get that first A in there because we love saying AHA!)

Some notes:
-some programs may not ‘translate’ easily to other countries, such as show ratings to accumulate Golden Horse points, and may need to be considered on an individual basis.
-AHA! will hold and mail any charms or other awards that international members earn in one shipment each January for the previous year.
-International members are responsible for all shipping charges for Haflinger Swag Shop purchases.

Have any other questions? Just email us!