Have Fun ♡ Charming Challenges

This is it! This is where you collect our signature Saddle Charms – available exclusively to members. You can obtain your saddle charms in a variety of ways, but they can only be earned, not purchased! Every charm has a story, and it’s up to you to tell it.

From fun photo contests to challenges designed to inspire and motivate, we’ve got loads of excitement for you!

Every AHA! member starts out with our signature Sassy logo charm, and we hope you join us in these Charming Challenges to grow your collection. Snap them on your saddle and bridle, hang a token on your backpack or keyring, or just wear them as jewelry – we can’t wait to see all the creative ways you display your charms!

Charms can only be earned, not purchased!

Charm Accessories!

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Curious how you stack up?

Facebook Photo Fun

Strike a pose! These weekly photo contests are posted every Sunday night. Set your alarm and start sharing early, because the member’s photo with the most likes at the end of the week wins!

Does your horse have the pretzel-iest pose to get at the grass on the other side of the fence? Show us! Contest categories include topics like “best matchy outfit” and “muddiest mess” so we know everyone’s Haflinger is ready to be a star. Next week’s top photo might already be on your phone!

We’ll announce the winner when the next topic gets posted, and then send them a distinctive camera charm so they can show off their modeling mastery to everyone in the barn!

Note: to help spread the love, members may only win one Facebook Photo Fun contest per month. If the winner has already won, second place will get the charm.

Monthly Motivations

Sometimes, you just need a little motivation to get out to the barn, am I right? Or, maybe you’ve ridden one too many circles in the sandbox and need some inspiration. That’s where we come in!

Each month we’ll give our members a challenge (a charming challenge, of course!) designed to encourage fun and promote trying new things with your Haflinger. Might a few be slightly outside of your comfort zone? Sure – that’s the whole point! But we promise nothing will be too crazy. Some don’t even include working your horse.

Are you busy training hard and competing and don’t have much time left for added extracurricular activities? Do you work all week and only make it out the barn on the weekends? That’s okay! We’ve got you in mind, and most of our challenges should easily be accomplished in an hour or so per week. Plus, join us on the Haflinger Connection Forum or the Members-Only Facebook Page for a weekly check-in to share your progress and see how others have been doing! Make it to four weekly check-ins and complete the challenge to get your unique charm.

Each challenge has its own charm, so hang with us each month and collect them all!

To participate, visit the Charming Challenge board on the Haflinger Connection Forum and look for this month’s check-in post, or visit the Members-Only Facebook Page!

When your check-ins are complete, request your charm here!

November: Going Green
A short and sweet challenge for those busy with holiday prep (or those unable to walk after no-stirrup work)! As we think about things we’re thankful for, let’s also reduce, reuse and recycle what we’ve been given and no longer need. If your horse could wear a different saddle pad every day of the year, maybe share a spare with a local young rider or 4Her just starting their collection. Do you have 4 halters on every stall? Your local rescue would love them! Find a way to reduce, reuse, or recycle some tack or apparel item you’ve got hanging around, and tell us about it to earn your recycling charm!

December: Winter Warrior
There are holidays coming, the days are twelve minutes long, chores take six times as long when everything is frozen….who has time to play with ponies? YOU DO! Log three riding, driving or groundwork sessions EACH WEEK, no matter what, for the whole month! Don’t let the upcoming holidays get you sidetracked! Check in on the forums and Facebook page and tell us what you’ve been up to to earn your winter charm!

January: Strong and Stretching into the New Year
To kick off the new year, you’ve got four tasks to complete to get both you and your Haflinger off to a strong and stretching start. 1) A core workout for you – Whether it’s a plank challenge you saw on Facebook, a video you found on youtube, or a gym session with a trainer, get those abs activated! 2) A stretch session for you – same deal only we’re limbering up what you just tightened. Tell those hamstrings your toes aren’t so far away! 3) Ground pole work for your horse – lead, lunge, long line or ride over some poles and improve your horse’s coordination. And 4) Muscle activations for your horse (aka “carrot stretches”) – side bends, tail pulls and belly lifts are all GREAT ways to get your horse’s core working too! Remember to share what exercises you did and where you found them and earn your strength charm!