American Haflinger Alliance

AHA! Haflinger Celebration ♡ Team Challenge Event

Have fun with your friends and combine your entries for a special team award!

Enrollment is free – just sign up below!


  • Teams are made up of three horse/exhibitor combinations. At least one must be a W/T rider. Exhibitors on the team may not share horses but may compete on more than one horse. Tip! Visit the AHA Members page on Facebook to help fill your teams!
  • Mix and match to complete as many of the Team Challenge classes as possible. For Team Challenge point consideration, select no more than one exhibitor whose points will count for each class. Each team’s horse/exhibitor combination must compete for at least four classes, but no more than seven classes. (Note, class limitations are for Team Challenge point consideration only. All team members may compete individually in as many classes as they like, and they may all compete in the same classes!)
  • No need for duplicates from your individual entries and videos, just enroll your team and submit a list of which exhibitors will be competing in which classes for the team event using the chart below.
  • The team with the overall highest score wins! Ribbons are awarded to all team members through 8th place.
  • BONUS! Take your team’s name to new levels and enter the special “Team Spirit” class for bonus points!