AHA! Haflinger Celebration ♡ Video Tips and Show Rules

Show Rules

  • Begin your ride by having your helper hold up your show card in front of the camera for five seconds. (Pre-filled show cards will be emailed within 48 hours of entry.)
  • As soon as the class or test is finished, the camera must slowly circle the horse and rider showing all equipment and attire, including spurs and whip if used. If the videographer is unable or unwilling to enter the arena for filming, the rider may turn the horse slowly to allow complete filming of the equipment. Following equipment check, the rider will dismount and show that two fingers can fit between the bosal or cavesson and the horse’s cheek, then drop the bit so it can be evaluated. Hold the bridle so as not to obscure the curb strap or curb chain. Demonstrate that the curb strap or chain is flexible and is at least ½ inch wide. Make sure the judge can see all parts of the bridle, including bit and reins clearly. Exceptional riders and all drivers are exempt from the dropping the bit requirement.
  • Each ride must be filmed continuously with no starting and stopping
  • Horse and rider/driver/handler must both be completely visible in the frame at all times.
  • Dressage test readers and rail class timers/gait callers allowed; no other coaching is permitted
  • Natural background sound must be audible in your video. Entries with sound removed or covered will be disqualified.
  • Neat and tidy appearance and clean and safe tack are required. Show clothes and silver tack are welcome, but will not be an advantage!
  • Bridle or saddle pad numbers are not allowed.
  • Approved headgear is encouraged for all riders, but required for all riders under 18 and those competing in disciplines that require helmets (e.g., hunter/jumper).
  • Rider and horse age is determined as of January 1st of the competition year.
  • Please follow the standard equipment rules for each discipline. The horse’s legs must be bare with no wraps or boots.
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Submitting Your Video

Videos in .mp4 format may be uploaded directly, or you may submit your Public or Unlisted YouTube links (we have to share your videos with judges, so we are unable to accept YouTube videos set to Private).

Pre-filled entry cards will be sent within 48 hours of entry, so the sooner you enter the sooner you can start working on your videos!
Submit your video here! Videos MUST be received by 8/31/21 or entry will be forfeited.

  • We welcome participation by all Haflingers that meet the breed standard for appearance, including chestnut coat with cream mane and tail. We do not require Haflingers to be registered but they must visibly appear to be Haflingers.
  • If the judge decides your horse doesn’t meet the breed standard for appearance of Haflingers, your ride will not be judged and all entry fees refunded (horses with registration numbers listed on entry are exempted).
  • If the judge determines that a horse appears lame, the judge has the right to eliminate the exhibitor from consideration and no refunds will be given.
  • Videos must be filmed for and submitted to only the AHA! International Haflinger Celebration 2021 Virtual Show. A video of a test/ride from another competition that has already been judged must be eliminated. Any video suspected of having been filmed during another competition will not be scored.
  • No horse may be ridden more than once in any class with the same class number, including TOC classes. Noncompliance with the above guidelines will cause the test to be eliminated.
  • The judge’s decision is final. There is no provision for a formal protest.


Where and How to Video

  • Dressage tests should use arenas that are as near as possible to regulation size and be sure letters are set appropriately to be viewed by the judge. Cones with large letters on them and poles on the ground to delineate the corners are acceptable. For arena measurements, please click here.
  • For dressage tests, place the camera behind C (where the judge would normally be seated).
  • Patterns and courses can be downloaded here, with dimensions and camera location included. For showmanship and halter, have a helper act as a “judge” and walk around you for inspection.
  • For rail classes, please show 15-20 seconds of walk each direction, and approximately 30 seconds of trot or jog and canter or lope (if required) in each direction. Also show a halt and reinback in one direction while on the rail. You may have a helper time you and call your gait changes. The camera may be placed in the middle of or outside of the arena/riding area.


Video Tips

Sample video coming soon!

  • Shoot in landscape/horizontal format.
  • Tripod strongly recommended.
  • Place camera several feet outside the ring so that the entire horse is still visible when on the rail near the camera. Keep the horse in the frame, as well as any dressage letters, cones, or pattern elements.
  • Zooming is great IF your videographer can do so smoothly. If not, just skip the zoom! And don’t zoom in so much that the camera loses focus.
  • If you’re riding outside, consider time of day and angle of the sun in relation to your arena. If at all possible the videographer should be positioned with their back to the sun.
  • If you’re a distance from your videographer, have them ring a bell after they hold up your entry card so you know when to begin.
  • Plan ahead for videos and allow time to create quality videos that showcase you and your horse. Don’t forget to leave time for uploading, too!

These guidelines are to help the judge give you the
most accurate evaluation possible and to keep the playing field level for everyone.
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